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Plastic wood industry development and market analysis

Wood materials in the majority of cases can replace the use of wood, forest resource-poor country, with wood instead of wood, broad market prospects, plus a wide range of manufactured wood material source of raw materials, in line with the scientific concept of development of resource recycling, use of waste wood material production variable waste into treasure, which has far-reaching historical significance and economic value.
         WPC material characteristics, low water absorption, easy to deformation and cracking; not easily be moth and mildew; high mechanical properties, light, moisture, acid, non-perishable, easy to clean; workability, and can be sawn , planing, nails, easy to clean; raw material utilization of waste resources as high as 92%, the main source of raw material widely, and can be one hundred percent recycled, in line with the industrial policy of sustainable development.
         The main source of raw material to manufacture wood raw material for the production of wood can be employed more than 92% of plastic waste and agricultural waste (rice bran, wheat straw, sawdust, bamboo powder plant cellulose), to solve the waste caused by plastic Agricultural and environmental pollution caused by straw burning air pollution.
         Plant cellulose wide variety of sources, including domestic agricultural rice bran fiber, all kinds of straw, annual production in thousands of tons, 1 million tons of wood flour should be more than other natural fibers also have 500-10000000 tons. The value of these resources in more than tens of billions, which is one of China's valuable resources.
         According to statistics, China's major cities accounted for 3-5% of waste plastic was total garbage, plastic waste generated by China's urban population is about 1 million tons per year. This number is constantly increasing, the overall situation of China's plastics development perspective, can be used for WPC production of waste material is a polyolefin and rich.
         Our engaged in plastics recycling business has more than 10,000; in recycling plastic waste 10 million tons;
         2008 waste plastics to produce about 11 million tons, imported about 7.07 million tons of waste plastic.
         WPC development in line with China's industrial policy of the State Development and Reform Commission has "technical development of wood-based composite materials" under the "Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment (2005)" encouraged projects. Also by the end of 2005 the State Council under the NDRC and other 12 ministries issued "on accelerating timber conservation and alternative views of the work", called for the strengthening policy guidance, increase technical support, as an alternative to wood conservation and improvement an important part of comprehensive utilization of resources policies, the State development and Reform Commission, jointly with relevant departments to study and propose "alternative timber conservation and technology policy", the integrated use of fiscal, taxation, prices and other economic levers to encourage the development of wood conservation and substitution, unreasonable restrictions production and use of wood and wood waste behavior. Give full play the main role, accelerating scientific and technological achievements in production.
Trends in the world of wood materials
Europe :
         As early as 1992 the auto industry began using WPC. Including Volkswagen, Volvo, Audi, BMW, volts, etc., WPC has become a trend of the European automotive industry. Europe car WPC at about 5-10 kg / car, most of the molded product. The two European automobile annual output of about 16 million, if all use of WPC, the demand is 8-16 tons / year.
North America :
         North American WPC materials and products from the laboratory to industrial been 16 years of history. In 2000 global production of 18 million tons, 400,000 tons in 2001, the 2005 North American wood turnover of $ 845 million in 2006, 1 million tons in 2010 is expected to be upgraded to $ 1.052 billion.
         America's largest manufacturer of Trex Company WPC production in 2007 reached 38 million tons, is expected within the next few years will be more than 15-25% annual increase.
         Our wood products are now actual usage
As people's living standards, raise the level of civilization, awareness of environmental protection, wood used more widely at home and abroad, more and more broad market prospects.
2008 Beijing Olympic Games has a large area of ​​public facilities using wood products, the Expo some infrastructure construction in 2010 will be held in Shanghai is a large area of ​​use, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games is also actively choose this material, 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, and some aspects of public facilities, garden construction, logistics and railway construction and other are considering the use of a large area of ​​WPC.
Current development of wood materials
         Domestic wood industry started relatively late, relative abroad, there is a gap. Especially people awareness of the product is not very comprehensive. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2007, directly or indirectly engaged WPC development, production and supporting more than 170 enterprises, wood products annual sales of close to 100,000 tons, the annual output value over 800 million yuan . Some multinational corporations are also paying close attention to the dynamic Chinese WPC industry. Although at present the true potential of China's WPC industry is not fully play, but it has broad prospects for development can be expected.
Market demand for wood materials forecast
         According to the characteristics of WPC, we can draw the following conclusions:
         1, wood can replace or partially replace wood.
         2, forest stock volume of only 2.9% of the world, can not meet the 22% of the world's population living and production needs. There is a market need to replace the use of wood products.
         3, China's rapid economic development of the growing demand for forest products, supply and demand have become increasingly prominent. Currently, the annual per capita consumption of 0.58 cubic meters of timber, while only 0.29 cubic meters, China's annual demand for forest products and resources accumulated amount equivalent to 300 million cubic meters, while a reasonable amount of supply of existing forest resources only about 60% of demand.
         4, on the other hand, in the next 5--10 years, the average annual net increase of the country's population of about 11 million, more than 7 percent economic growth per year, which is already very meager supply of wood, put forward higher requirements, the urgent need a product instead of wood, and it turns out, the only wood perfectly.
         5, the world's shortage of timber, Australia, the United States self-sufficiency rate of 90%; our self-sufficiency rate of 35%, Japan's self-sufficiency rate of less than 20%, ranking the world's top three timber imports is the United States, China and Japan. Our need wood substitutes.
         6, at present, the domestic demand for wood has reached 3-3.3 million cubic meters, according to forest cutting quota "fifteen" issued by the state, can only provide an annual 1.4-1.5 billion cubic meters per year also means that our country lacks 1.5 -1.6 billion cubic meters.
         7, it is assumed in the current one hundred million cubic meters of timber in the gap 1.5-1.6 with 3% -5% of the wood instead of using, the amount of use of domestic wood material should be about 450-750 million tons, while present, China Plastic wood only actual production capacity is about 200,000 tons.
         We may wish to carefully consider, weigh up, in the current 1.5-1.6 one hundred million cubic meters of timber in the gap, through our efforts to support the government, the whole society to promote its comprehensive utilization of resources, assuming that only 10% -15% wood instead of wood, wood industry, our tomorrow will be like?
         In short, the prospects for the development of the wood industry in China is not only to be optimistic in the world are to be favored. This is not only because of the excellent characteristics of the product itself, more important is its significance recycling of resources and an important contribution to environmental protection decision. WPC as an ideal environmentally friendly materials, low cost, and can re-use and recycling are gradually replace some of the environmental pollution caused by products. At the same time, we in addition to the specific characteristics of wood products have sufficient understanding and confidence, but also should be recognized as a new material, it is not a panacea, as the existence of this or that defect. Only our correct understanding, rational use of science in order to promote a more healthy and vigorous development.

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