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The main characteristic of wood plastic composite
Check the number: 388 update time: 2015-6-24 9:01:35
The main characteristic of wood plastic composite is as follows: a good, social economy, sustainable development, especially suitable for China's national policy of "protection forest";
B, durable, long life, like wooden appearance, than plastic high hardness;
C, has excellent physical properties, better than wood dimensional stability, won't produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, join the colorant, coated or complex alloy surface can be made into various colorful products;
D, with thermoplastic processability, easy molding, or slightly modified with general plastic processing equipment and processing can be performed.Processing the new investment for equipment is less, convenient for popularization and application;
E, have secondary machining, such as wood cutting, bonding, with nails or fixed bolt connection;
F, for decoration, decoration, can paint beautification, product specifications and shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility;
G, not afraid to eat by moth, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, low water imbibition, not hygroscopic deformation;H, can reuse and recycling, biodegradable, environmental protection;As I, protect the environment, can use waste wood chips, fiber crops and waste plastic materials;
J, abundant resources, low cost, low use cost.Now the shortcomings and the insufficiency of wood-plastics composites are: plastic toughness lower than matrix, processing equipment, the downstream processing all needs to make corresponding adjustment and transformation.We believe that through the joint efforts of the world science and technology personnel, deficiencies will be improved in a short time.

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